Online Payments/Donations

Valley Voices accepts online payments using RevTrak. Please note that the Valley Voices RevTrak webstore is totally separate from the school district's RevTrak since Valley Voices is a parent booster club, but it works the same way.

Booster Club Donation information can be found on the menu on the left.

Robe/Tux Fees for All Choirs & Recommended Contributions for Valley Singers, show choirs and jazz choirs:

Online payments may be made two ways using your debit or credit card:

1) Recommended contributions for Valley Singers, show choirs, jazz choirs and robe/tux fees can be paid in Charms. Once in Charms, click either the red dollar sign icon at the top after logging in, or the Finances icon below (the brown wallet). Amounts due will be listed and you may choose the "Use RevTrak" button to pay online. See the "Charms Help" tab on the left for help getting into Charms. There is a $4 per transaction fee charged.

2) All other financial transactions such as Booster Club Memberships, scholarship donations and other donations can be paid in the RevTrak webstore: There is no transaction fee for donations.

If you prefer to pay by check, please make it payable to "Valley Voices" and mail to: Anna Lee, 3650 Woodland Ave, West Des Moines, IA 50266


Q. Is there a cost to make online payments?

A. YES and NO. There is a $4 per transaction fee for online payments for robe/tux fees and recommended contributions. However, there are no transaction fees for donations to the Booster Club or scholarship donations.

Q. Can I make partial payments for recommended contributions?

A. YES. Partial payments are accepted for recommended contributions ONLY (show choir, jazz choirs, Valley Singers). To make a partial payment for recommended contributions: while in Charms in the Finances section, scroll to the very bottom of the Student Financial Statement and click "Make Miscellaneous Payment". You may make a payment of any amount, but you MUST put where the payment is to be applied in the Description field (e.g. Choralation partial, Vocal Point partial). Note that the recommended contribution amount due will remain on your Student Financial Statement until it's paid in full, and then the treasurer will mark it as paid.

Q. Does Valley Voices keep my credit card information?

A. NO. All financial transactions are done through RevTrak and deposited to the Valley Voices bank account. At no time will anyone have access to your credit card information.

Q. My business/family member/friend would like to become Vocal Music Boosters. Can they?

A. YES! Click the Booster Club icon in the Webstore: If they'd prefer to write a check, see the address above for the Valley Voices treasurer along with the form at the bottom of the Booster Sponsor Levels page (see left menu). There is no transaction fee for Booster Club donations.

Q. How can I find out more about RevTrak?

A. Click here: For general RevTrak questions, please email For questions about the amounts due listed in Charms, please email Anna Lee at