Charms Help

What is Charms?

Charms is a tool for the directors and parent volunteers to communicate with parents and students, especially in the extra-curricular choirs. In addition to keeping track of vocal music students' and parents' email addresses, it has many organizational tools to make it easier to coordinate events, volunteers, committees, finances, etc. Keep in mind that it is NOT connected to the WDM Schools Infinite Campus system, if your email changes, you'll need to change it in both Charms AND Infinite Campus.

As a parent or student, please make sure the contact and email information we have is correct. Also, if you wish to receive the occasional text from the vocal music department, be sure the "Cell Carrier" field is completed.

Click here to enter

1. At the far right, click the green ENTER tab, and choose the Parents/Students/Members option.

IMPORTANT: Some other Valley music booster clubs also use Charms. The Charms accounts for the different music programs are totally separate, even if your Charms ID is the same (band also uses the student's WDM Student ID as a Charms ID, if known). NOTE: Our treasurer and Charms administrator have no way of accessing any other accounts than the Valley Choirs and vice versa.

2. If prompted for the school code, enter the school code "ValleyChoir".

3. The first time you enter Charms, your Student Area password is the Charms ID that was assigned to you (it will likely be your WDM student ID. If that doesn't work, please email After you've logged into Charms for the first time, you'll be prompted to change your Student Area Password. The account has ONE password, so the parents and student will both need to know this password. If it's forgotten, email Or you can reset the password yourself by hitting the Enter key when the password field is empty, and Charms will send a link to the student's email account to reset the password.

4. Click the blue "Update Info" icon to change any of your information and click the green "Update" button when finished. The most important fields are student cell phone, student email, parent(s) cell phone and emails. Be sure the cell carrier field is completed if you want occasional texts (highly recommended).

5. If you're NOT able to log in to Charms, please email

6. You can also access Charms via your mobile device by downloading the app "Charms Parent/Student Portal."

Once in Charms, you can view and edit your student and parent info (icon along the top), and view handouts, volunteer opportunities, etc.

Please email with any questions.